Another piece from my head… Sherlock again and again.


following the last fiction here is another one that just sort of popped up in my mind and stands for itself.

Enjoy reading,
6.5.14 17:25

Reichenbach Feels in a random Johnlock


Since I have a lot of dialogues in my head that I can't put in a big story I do short stuff like this to write them down anyway.
This one is about dear John Watson. After "the Fall" he follows Sherlocks last footsteps onto the top of St. Barts.

Enjoy the feels,
2.5.14 02:19

No Porn this time...

A new chapter in the collection of possible get-togethers between Sherlock and John is now Online.
This one is actually not porn…. yeah I know, a real surprise =)

Enjoy nevertheless.
23.4.14 01:56

Sherlock in adult-mode again...

There is now a third chapter for the series of possible get-togethers between Sherlock an John.
The possible threat is taking place around the Scandal in Belgravia. And of course the end of the memory is fixed by the couple again.

6.4.14 00:17

Loki bekommt endlich seine Umarmung...

New one shot. Main Characters Loki and Bruce Banner in a little different story, taking place after the London incident (Thor 2 Spoilers included).
A truly calm Mind is a bit of fluff… you need that sometimes

Have fun!
31.3.14 13:09

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