A possible threat - The Woman

It has been a very long day for Dr. John Watson. The early spring sun had fooled a lot of people out of their warm clothes and now they had to handle a rather big wave of people catching the flu. It was just natural that he went straight into the bathroom to take a shower after he entered the flat. He was way to exhausted to think that maybe Sherlock would be offended by him not saying hello or even hurt because he did not receive his usual kiss.
A sigh escaped his lips, when the water finally turned hot and the sound together with the falling drops muffled the low speak of the door that was just opened. John had closed his eyes and was enjoying how muscle by muscle relaxed under the warm stream. The shadow beside the shower curtain left unnoticed.
It was when a splash of cold air hit his back, when he opened his eyes again. But it was to late by this time. To long strong arms were already wrapping themselves around his tired body. And soft lips were pressed against his neck.
For a second he tensed and was ready to defend but the movement behind him was more than just familiar. The doctor closed his eyes again and leaned a little back. A smile slowly forming on his lips.
"You mad at me?", the low deep voice asked against the skin of Johns neck. He shivered under the vibration of his friends voice.
"Why should I?"
"You did not say hi… didn't even notice I was standing in the door waiting."
"I am sorry my love. The work…"
It was until now that John realized how much he had been back into his old habits after the last couple of working days. Most of all, it hit his mind what date it was today.
"You forgot…me… over your work… should I be jealous?"
Indeed Sherlock Holmes was hurt. The men without sentiments, without a heart, according to his own words, was truly hurt by the behavior of his boyfriend. Yet it did not came to his mind first, that John was simply to busy. After all they went through he was implying that the fault was his. Consequences of his behavior all along. But this time he was wrong. John felt another kiss on his neck and gave a low moan of relieve.
"Please don't be angry… I'll make up for it.", he whispered while Sherlocks hands were slowly stroking his upper body.
"But I decide how."
"Of course."
"Tell me a story."
John chuckled a bit, leaning even more against his friend who stood behind him.
"Why all the sentiment all of a sudden?", John asked slightly curious.
"Maybe I tell you later. Now start."
"Give me a second…"
Sherlocks hands were still wandering over shoulders and breast and made it hard for John to concentrate on any thought.
There it was. A grin appeared on Johns lips.
"I am waiting.", Sherlock said letting his hands rest on Johns belly.
The sound of the water filled the room for a moment before John cleared his throat.
"It was quite a nice start into our knew adventure. A brief meeting at the palace and I even had the pleasure to hit him. In the face. I have to admit it was a little hard at first to overcome the doubt. But after that my first flew quite easily into his face. And god, it was a relief. I could have gone on a little longer but in the end I was glad he finished it, because I might have dragged him into the next bedroom. I had not told him, but since the last meeting with Moriarty I was more than just sure about my feelings for Sherlock. But all that, it seemed, did not matter at all.
As I entered the living room where he was already chatting with Irene Adler I almost dropped the bowl.
She was naked.
A hundred thoughts hit me at the same time.
All in all I was unbelievable jealous.
He was in that room with a naked woman. Alone. Calm as he could be and yet he seemed more confused than any time before. Fortunately some action quickly distracted my mind and eventually we got out of that house alive.
Even though Sherlock was heavily sedated.
I still managed to get him back to Baker Street and into his bed. I have to admit I was a little happy I could pull the blanket over his slim body and press a soft kiss onto his forehead without him biting me with teeth or a sarcastic comment. But this piece of peace did not last very long.
Not for me.
She might have disappeared but the constant messages he received from her made me angry. I caught myself a couple of times cursing this woman as for the wicked game she was playing with him. She even managed to ruin christmas.
I was yet with a woman myself since I could not stand being alone while his heart had chosen someone else."
A chuckling Sherlock interrupted the story and John received another kiss on his neck. One that was a little longer and he even thought he felt the slight touch of his tongue. He shivered a bit smiling and just enjoying until Sherlock insisted on him to go on a little further. John took another breath. He could feel the whole body of Sherlock pressing against his back now and there was a lot of arousal dwelling within him. He did not know how long he would be able to resist his own lust at all.
But on the other hand he knew how much Sherlock loved to listen to his stories since it somehow closed the doors of the busy part of his mind palace and gave him a chance to rest.
"I dumped her the very night. I knew Sherlock would need me now. The Woman dead. I was a little happy, I have to admit. But just until I saw his eyes.
I could not help him.
I was of no need for him in this matter. And that hurt.
I buried myself in work and distraction for a couple of days. I could not bear to see him suffer. She came back eventually and things improved. For him. Not so much for me for I was suffering without anyone knowing. But it was good to see him back to normal in the end. And I knew I would overcome my own grief."
The room was filled again only by the sound of the shower. A couple of minutes passed and both men stood still.
"I don't like your ending.", Sherlock said sounding a bit insulted.
"But it is what actually happened."
"Let me tell you, how it was supposed to end."
"If you insist."
"I do."
Sherlocks hands slid a little down and were now resting on Johns hipbones. What caused the doctor to gave a short -ohgod- and lean his head back until it rested on the detectives shoulder.
"Finally the distraction was over. I saved the woman from being decapitated a couple of weeks ago and knew she was now even safe before my brothers eyes."
John wanted to turn around in surprise but Sherlocks grip on his hip was strong and so he resigned and kept on listening.
"Of course I had recognized the pain in Johns eyes every time I talked about her or received a text. All of a sudden he had a subject on which he was not only looking but he was actually observing. He even took count on her messages and I felt very flattered by his attention.
But I could not calm him down nor could I take care of him until I settled the case about the woman. It would not have been fair to him not to dedicate my whole mind to him. I took the phone and stored it away, listening carefully to the noise of Johns steps. He was gone a couple of minutes before I decided to follow him and settle the matter right now. Halfway down the stairs I figured I had no idea of what to say. My mind refused to work fast on this particular matter and so it happened that I was still standing on the stairs when John came back.
'Are you alright Sherlock'
'Uhm… yeah I… what about you?'
He raised a brow and looked at me closely and I was sure he could read me as good as I usually read people. Since I was still stuck in this dark part of my mind palace that was labeled 'John', he started to climb the stairs slowly approaching me. He nodded and looked aside.
'Just… umm… you know worried about you.'
'I can tell.'
My answer hit him with surprise so did my action as I stepped down two steps to stand directly in front of him.
'Look Sherlock, I know you don't need someone to baby you and-'
'Shut up John!', I said with a wide grin.
He looked at me as confused as he could be while I all of a sudden knew exactly what to do. I put both hands on his shoulder and waited until he had finished to look right and left in confusion and back into my eyes. I pulled him up one more step. Without my hands holding him, he would have fallen down now, but I did not plan on letting go of him.
'What are you..', he started voiceless and tried to clear his throat again.
'Apologize for the past few month.', I whispered bringing my head on one high with his. Our lips were not touching yet, but I could feel a very strange sensation running down my inner body while the blood seemed to store itself up in my cheeks.
'Apo-… you…'
He did not know what to say and still was afraid of what lay before him talking from the expression on his face. His eyes were telling a different story. They were almost challenging me.
So I put one hand in his neck."
Sherlock let one hand slip further down with this words.
"I looked deep into his eyes."
John moaned as the second hand slipped down as well.
"And I placed my lips softly onto his."
The long fingers were now closing gently around Johns shaft.
"He responded immediately and the kiss soon became very passionate."
Sherlocks voice was only a whisper into Johns ear now as he started to stroke the man in front of him gently. He listened carefully to Johns moaning stopping only to add a couple of sentences.
"As his tongue met mine…"
One more stroke.
"… I felt something rushing through my body that came close to lightning. His hands were taking over…"
Another firm stroke and John holding his breath.
"… pushing me back upstairs. The flash that lighted up the dark section in my mind palace was almost blinding me, as I closed my eyes and gave in…"
A small motion of Johns hips.
"… Gave in to him. To his lead, his game about trust and sentiments that are in some ways more adventurous than crimes."
This confession was to much for the doctor to bear. The strokes had stopped but the long slim fingers were still closed around his now rock-hard cock. He pulled up his arm, turned a bit and finally forced Sherlock into a kiss full of lust. There was no more room for the detective as John pushed him against the wall, pressing his whole body against his friend. Only a short grin told the doctor that that was exactly how Sherlock wanted him to make up for him paying more attention to his work than to Sherlock Holmes.
And by god, there was nothing else John wanted to do right now, but put his hands on Sherlocks buttocks and force him to what ever came to his mind, that they could do in the shower.

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